About Paratransit Services 

A Brief History...

Kitsap Peninsula Housing and Transportation Authority
Coordinated Transportation Services, 1980–1984.  Paratransit Services has been an advocate of coordinated transportation since our formation under the Kitsap Peninsula Housing and Transportation Association (KPHTA) in 1980. The Transportation Department was formed by the consolidation of specialized transportation resources in Kitsap County, Washington. Several nursing homes, group homes, social service agencies, and community service agencies donated their vehicles to develop a pool of transportation resources. KPHTA employed the drivers, dispatchers and staff to operate specialized transportation services for the clients served by participating agencies. These coordinated services laid the groundwork for specialized public transportation in Kitsap County.

Kitsap Paratransit
Coordinated Transportation Services, 1984–1988.  In July 1984 the KPHTA Board of Directors voted to separate the transportation section into its own nonprofit entity, and Kitsap Paratransit was formed. This new company continued to provide transportation services to the mobility impaired, and for Medicaid clientele through an agreement with the Washington State Division of Medical Assistance.

We were developing into a company known for the creative implementation of community-based, coordinated transit systems. In a 1989 report titled Best Practices in Specialized and Human Services Transportation Coordination, Kitsap Paratransit was called “one of the most successfully coordinated transit systems in the West.”

In 1986 we began providing Dial-A-Ride services in Clallam County on the Olympic Peninsula, and two years later we began another transit operation in Pierce County. In recognition of the multi-county services that Kitsap Paratransit was providing, the corporation’s name was changed to Paratransit Services.

Paratransit Services
Coordinated Transportation Services, 1988–present.  Our name was new, but our mission, and our basic approach to providing transportation services to persons with special needs, did not change. The tenets of (1) community involvement, (2) coordination of resources, and (3) the right of our clientele to receive the highest level of service, are woven into the fabric of our organizational philosophy; they guide us in our decision-making, and govern the way we manage our transportation programs.

In addition to being the year that we officially became “Paratransit Services,” 1988 also marks a significant business milestone: it is the year that we established a pilot program for the State of Washington to demonstrate the brokerage system as a means of managing Medicaid transportation systems. This successful demonstration was the beginning of a new direction for Paratransit Services and the State of Washington. In 1990, with Paratransit Services now providing Medicaid transportation brokerage services for five northwestern Washington counties (Regions 4 and 5), the brokerage model was adopted statewide.

During the decade of  the 1990s and onward into the new millenium, we have continued to expand our service while maintaining our commitment to quality. In 1994, Paratransit Services received the Positive Performer Award from Inc. magazine and MCI Telecommunications for superior customer service by a nonprofit company. In announcing the award, MCI Telecommunications wrote:

"What separates this provider of transportation for the elderly and disabled from other nonprofit companies is the way it uses corporate techniques to attract customers and maintain an unusually high standard of service."

Today we are the largest Medicaid Transportation and Interpreter Services Broker for the State of Washington, and we operate public transit systems in the states of  Washington, Oregon, and California. In many cases, we have been instrumental in getting new transit and service coordination programs started. In all cases, we have provided services with quality, safety, and sensitivity as our defining characteristics.

A History of Service
Paratransit Services’ has been continuously providing specialized transportation services that focus on the needs of elderly, disabled, and economically disadvantaged persons since 1980. We remain a private, non-profit company whose hallmark is the implementation of community-based, coordinated transit systems. We have earned a reputation for providing fresh, innovative approaches to transportation service delivery. Our commitment to service has been rewarded with significant growth for Paratransit Services. We are always interested in growing our company, but we will never expand beyond our capacity to provide our clientele with the very best in accessible transportation programs.

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